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                                     Article in November 2005 issue



End of Game

Most of us have played a video or arcade game that announces after we get blasted away or terminated, “End of Game”.  Hearing those words even in a make-believe game setting, can be distressing.  Perhaps they ring true at deeper levels and remind a part of our self, that indeed we are playing for high stakes and the Endgame is in progress, NOW.


Do you remember back in 1998 when there were many dire prophecies and earth changes maps, Armageddon was looming ahead and the Book of Revelations seemed to be coming to pass in the daily news? 

Many folks quit their jobs, sold their homes and moved to places like Twisp, Washington and Sedona, Arizona to wait out the new millennium.  When nothing truly substantial or catastrophic happened with the dawning of the year 2000 some acted a little disappointed, some felt foolish, some continued to stay in what they considered safe places and others just came on home.

What happened for the last seven years? 

Light workers all over the world will tell you that they felt like they were in a ‘waiting mode’ as far as their soul missions; nothing much happened. Doors did not fly open for many of their heartfelt desires and plans. Even those plans to serve humanity and the planet. A lot of you may recall the last seven years as feeling ‘lost in limbo’, anxious about something about to happen, but not sure what or when. 

But a lot has happened in the past seven years and most of it is not good. We are at war again and expanding our efforts to continue that mode of operation.  The planet is still taking on excessive chemicals in our air, water and soil.  Humans are being subjected to pollution and harmful elements from foods to frequencies.  The checklist in the Book of Revelations still seems to be in progress, Armageddon and mass destruction and huge death tolls, right around the corner.

Or is it?  For those who continue to choose that path to destruction, yes.

But is it fair that the many and growing numbers who are choosing peace and trying to make a difference in the world, should suffer along with those who choose war? The last election polarized the people of the world. The lines were drawn more clearly, black or white. No one can sit on the fence, anymore.  Decisions must be made. It is either this old way or that new way.  Your choice.

Suppose we believe what science is proving and it just so happens to coincide with spiritual and metaphysical beliefs and ideas:  We live in a multi-dimensional world, parallel universes do exist, time is not linear, our thoughts do create our reality and we each can choose a separate reality than others yet exist simultaneously.  Some of us can choose to exist with like-minded folks that create peaceful, balanced and harmonious lifestyles.  Some of us can choose to escalate the current wars and acts of terrorism to new heights of mass destruction and death for millions. 

What if there are at least seven timelines?  What if each individual’s thoughts contribute to the outcome of any given timeline.  What if you effect your world by your every thought, word and deed, continuously changing your own reality and timeline possibilities. 

What if the endgame is being played right now?

What if we were given a divine intervention for the past seven years for more people to wake-up, for folks to make consciousness shifts and to correct bad choices?


There is much information concerning the year 2012 being, ‘the end of time’.  The year 2012 may be the end of time as we know it, the end of time as we currently measure it or the end of time of an age, an era.  However, before we reach the year 2012 a shift may occur that will place you squarely into the timeline, of your choice, prior to 2012.  The reality of tremendous and catastrophic changes or the reality of peace finally reigning and changes that clean up the planet and heal the people.  Where do you want to be when you hear:  End of Game!

Brenda Roberts is the former producer and host of the Seattle based cable TV show, ‘Journey’.  Having produced over 500 TV shows Brenda is now re-visiting, in articles, all of the many subjects presented as ‘possibilities’ of this Journey.

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