Tax Attorney: How Can They Help You?

When it comes to corporate taxes, there’s never enough room for mistake. Excuses, fines, audits, and lawsuits are just some possible pitfalls for making financial mistakes, said tax lawyer Missouri. So, is your company looking for a trustworthy, experienced corporate tax attorney to handle your audits, help with a review, and interpret IRS and Colorado tax laws? If the answers to these questions are “yes” and “no”, then it’s time to start finding the right tax attorney for your company!

Tax Attorney


The first step in finding the right tax attorney for your firm is identifying the right fit for your firm and your needs. This includes determining what area of tax resolution your firm specializes in, your firm’s special skills and resources, and your firm’s most valuable customers (or clients). Your tax issues may range from small claims and payroll to large acquisitions and international tax issues. These issues require expert knowledge, a broad range of skills, specialization, as well as an ability to creatively and successfully manage the complexity of various tax issues. If you have these in place, then you’re already on your way to hiring the best possible tax resolution specialist for your firm!


Once you’ve identified the issues that involve your firm, you can start the process of finding the right tax attorney. Many CPAs offer a free initial meeting or consultation to discuss the basics of tax law, tax resolutions, and tax laws and their effect on your company. If you can’t schedule a free introductory meeting or consultation, look for a CPAs who offers free introductory phone consultations and offers a free website where you can ask any questions you have about your tax issues. You may be able to ask questions by telephone or set up a call with a tax lawyer to get an even deeper understanding of this complex area of business.


When selecting a tax lawyer or tax resolution firm to help you resolve your Colorado Springs tax issues, it’s important to make sure the firm focuses on Colorado Springs area experience. If you work in another area of the United States, there is no reason that your tax issues shouldn’t be dealt with by someone who understands the local laws. The IRS will not hesitate to take extreme measures to compel repayment if they believe a resident of Colorado doesn’t live in Colorado. So don’t be shy about choosing a qualified and experienced Colorado Springs tax resolution or tax attorney.


The first step that your tax attorney will take you through when preparing and filing your tax return is the process of underwriting. This includes the preparation of a full, three-dimensional Equitable Exposure Statement that details your company’s profit, loss, assets, liabilities, insurance, and all other aspects of your tax return. In order to be prepared and accurate, a knowledgeable and experienced tax attorney in Colorado Springs will work closely with you throughout the preparation process. Your attorney will collect documentation, conduct interviews with individuals, review documents, gather information, conduct research, review medical and financial documentation, talk to tax experts, contact accounting firms, review records, draft a lease agreement, negotiate with creditors, research tax laws, review any applicable regulations, draft a master tax resolution, file a motion to dismiss, negotiate with IRS agents, discuss settlements, draft a trust deed, contact banks, and complete any other tasks necessary to prepare and file your tax return.


Once your attorney has fully prepared and filed your tax return, you will then receive a Tax Attorney Filing Certification. The certificate will have a seal and a signature that verifies the date that the certification was signed. From this point forward, the tax lawyer or tax resolution firm will serve as your legal counsel or tax defense attorney. You will work with knowledgeable and experienced attorneys who will work diligently to ensure that all of your federal, state, county, and local tax obligations are met.